Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ever been out drinking and as you become increasingly more intoxicated you start to wonder how hung over you will be in the morning or whether or not your capable of operating a car or heavy machinery? Well, what if there was a breathalizer under shirt. This shirt would be able to take different measurements from your body and then effectively tell you what your blood alcohol level was and whteher or not you would be able to drive at your level of intoxication. It would also be able to tell you how hung over you would be in the morning so that you know when to stop if you need to be at school or work the next morning. Wouldn't that be so helpful?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ever been to a bar and you lost/forgot your ID and they won't let you in? I f there was a way to set up a database that could access your Identification through fingerprint. You could simply press your thumb on a screen and within seconds you information would be found. No more missing out on a good night of drinking.

As I walk down the street I see people walking dogs. Happy dogs who love the city air. It makes me sad. Not for the dogs, but for my cat who has to sit and look out a window, wondering what lies on the other side, hoping that i might crack the window a bit so that he can smell the air. So for my "put it somewhere mobile" I decided to put a leash on my cat and take him for a walk for all the cats who have to look out a window in wonder.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Since "put it here and document it" is so broad, i decided to document everytime i put something somewhere for about 2 hours on sunday morning.

Monday, September 11, 2006

As people begin to ascend from the city hall subway stop to begin their day, so does the the homeless man sleeping just outside the entrance. He makes his way to street level where he walks past city hall and east on Filbert Street to the Reading Terminal Market in hopes that someone will notice him lingering outside the entrance and answer his plead for money with some leftover food, or at least enough money to buy him his first beer of the day. After accumilating enough money he walks down 12th Street to to walnut where he enters the pac-a-deli where 40 oz. bottle of Olde English. He then wanders back to 12th and Chestnut where he can sit outside 7 Eleven in hopes of gaining enough money to buy an egg sandwich while he consumes his beverage. An hour and a dollar seventy five later he is able to buy his sandwich and move on for the day. While he eats his breakfast he makes his way up Chestnut and then down 15th and ends up outside the entrance of Temple's Center City campus where he will remain until he gets a ciggarette from one of the many people getting their nicotine fix before or in between classes. The magic ciggarette comes from a nice girl who offers one when she notices the man sifting through butts on the ground. He thanks the young girl with a smile and asks for a light. The man does not hang around to smoke his ciggarette and moves now to is next stop inside suburban station. The man sits calmly for awhile asking passer bys for some spare change. After waiting long enough the man gets tired of being underground he decides to take his cause outside positoning himself just outside Liberty place on on 16th and Chestnut just outside the entrance to the entrance of the Art Institute. Eventually the man makes enough money to buy a few items on the dollar menu at Wendy's sparing him the embarrassment of digging through a trash can for his dinner. So with change in hand he moves one block to 15th and Chestnut where he enters Wendy's and orders a Jr. bacon burger and some fries. After consuming his dinner he makes his way down the street to Broad and Walnut where he will stop and converse with some fellow street people. As the daylight hours begin to vansh the man bids farewell and goodluck and makes his way back down Broad Street to Filbert Street where he will now sit outside the 7 Eleven between 12th and 13th to try and gain some quick money or perhaps some food from people exiting the store and the two restaurants next to it. Eventually the flow of people outside will cease and it will be time for the man to make his way down the street to the City Hall subway stop where he will rest his head for another night.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I got everything I need in here......I guess.